Find out which presidential candidate matches you by answering this quiz!

How do you prepare for your exams?

How do you prepare for your exams?

Which Presidential Candidate Are You?

  1. You got: Grace Poe

    You have memorized all the figures for the Math problems,but you forgot about the equations.

  2. You got: Rodrigo Duterte

    You don’t worry yourself that much on what to answer because you already applied the lessons you learned.

  3. You got: Mar Roxas

    You pretend you know the answer, but you don’t. You just try to copy your seatmate’s answer, hoping not to get caught.

  4. You got: Jejomar Binay

    You rely on your notes even if it’s against the rules. 

  5. You got: Miriam Santiago

    You have all the answers to the test questions, but you failed to take the exam ‘cause you got sick.


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